Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break Is On the Way!

So I LOVE my job. I enjoy seeing my kids everyday and I have such a sweet, amazing group this year. With that being said, I am soooo ready for Spring Break. I need it. The kids need it. We all need it! By this point in the year they start getting a little tired of each other and the endless amount of tattling ensues. I am counting down the days. I think I have 9 days of school until 10 days off. I have so many plans over break as well. We will go with my parents to church on Easter Sunday and then head to Sumter to have dinner with my in-laws and husband's side of the family. Monday I have a dentist appointment. Wednesday is our 22 week ultrasound and pre-natal appointment. Friday we are taking our nephew, Jack, to see Toy Story 3 on Ice and keeping him for the night. Somewhere in there we are going to finish registering for the rest of the baby stuff we need. So . . . I am looking forward to Spring Break, even if it is going to be extremely busy! I will post the 22 week Ultrasound picture and some belly pics soon. I keep forgetting my camera at school. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend :-)

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  1. Sounds like a busy but fun spring break! Let me know if you have any extra time. I'd love to get together!