Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break Mini Vacation!

So as busy as I have been with school lately, I have been ready for a mini vacation. I haven't seen my best friend Joyce and her family (Juan, Javier, and Nina) in about a year. We talk a few times a week on the phone, but with us both being teachers and leading busy lives, it is sometimes a hard task trying to get together for a visit in person. We found out that we had the same Spring Break this year so I decided to go to Virginia to visit them. The flight there was pretty uneventful, which I definitely like. Besides having to sit next to a man who smelled like a horrible mix of B.O. and cigarettes, it was pretty much smooth sailing. We spent a lot of time hanging out and relaxing. We hung around the house, watched movies, went to the park, and took a few day trips. We could have done the whole D.C. day trip, but neither of us were in the mood to go into D.C. in the middle of the week with all the crowds and chaos. We took a trip into downtown Fredricksburg which was nice. It was like stepping back in time. There were lots of neat shops that you don't see anymore. There must have been ten antique shops that had some really unique merchandise. On my last full day in Virginia, we went to a huge outlet mall. We shopped around for a few things and had a blast reconnecting. My trip home was much more eventful than the trip there. We left Joyce's house 2 1/2 hours before my departure time. She only lives about an hour from the airport, so we thought that would be enough time to ensure me getting there and checked in with plenty of time to spare. WRONG! We got caught in traffic on I-95 and it took us an hour to go 11 miles. Needless to say, we were pretty sure I would miss my flight. My flight was scheduled to leave at 4:15 and we pulled up and starting unloading around 3:55. I ran into the airport and checked in with Delta. I told the Delta rep that my flight was leaving at 4:15 and I didn't know if I would make it. He said he would need to put me on another flight because I wouldn't make my original flight. He asked if I got stuck in traffic and informed me that there were lots of people missing their flights due to an 18 wheeler that overturned on the interstate. I arrived in Columbia at midnight and was soooo excited to have my hubby and pup girl pick me up from the airport. It made for a long day, but everything turned out fine. I already miss Joyce and her family :-( Thanks for being such a great hostess!

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